“We are the creators of the Lemonbeat Smart Device Language (LsDL). We deliver an open and generic system to easily interconnect devices with powerful, simple-to-use hard & software tools, enabling fast and cost effective development for the Internet of Things.”


A universal and flexible Lemonbeat smart Device Language (LsDL) that we have made available to the public for free to make it the standard language for the Internet of Things (IoT)


A patented Lemonbeat radio standard that offers the best mix for typical IoT applications in terms of high range, data bandwidth, low battery usage and advanced security


Firmware modules using established internet technology that make IoT devices speak and understand LsDL via Lemonbeat radio or any other common IP-oriented physical carriers

What is lemonbeat?

Lemonbeat, at its core, is a Smart Device Language. Flexible, simple and universal, it allows seamless communication between all sorts of smart things, from complex autonomous systems right down to a simple light switch – all on the same basis. Very little storage capacity needed, no need for light versions for small devices.

Lemonbeat is independent

Lemonbeat’s smart device language is independent from the transmission form and mid-layer. It can be used on any IP based stack from our own, to Ethernet, WLAN, to LoRa.

Lemonbeat is efficient

The patented wake on radio function saves energy and makes Lemonbeat the ideal solution for battery devices. Lemonbeat can also save up to 40% in implementation costs.

Lemonbeat is secure

It offers a high level of security through encryption which is separate from the transport layer.

Lemonbeat is open

We want Lemonbeat to become the common standard for how intelligent devices communicate. Our Lemonbeat smart Device Language specification is available, free, to all.

Lemonbeat is future-proof

The logic of the smart device language is expandable, so communication with devices or functions that will be designed in the future can be ensured today.

Lemonbeat is now

Our chips are already being used in the field. A number of large commercial buildings are participating in proof of concepts using the technology.

RWE Smart Home


Home Automation


Lots of manufacturers of devices for private households and gardens wish to make their products „smart“.

As their customers integrate smartphone usage increasingly into their daily lives, and seek added convenience, there is a need for products to follow the trend.

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Building Automation


Building Automation

Bringing the Internet of Things into the realm of facilities management.

Our technology allows substantial savings in the field of building automation systems. Extensive elimination of automation level hardware, substantial reduction of associated costs and performance benefits.

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Smart Cities


Smart Cities

We know what smart cities will require. We know that for each use case, there will be different requirements. Lemonbeat can address these.

Data will often have to be transmitted over shorter or greater ranges, many devices will have a power supply, but plenty will be battery operated thus requiring greater efficiency. Security will always be of great importance. An internet connection will not always be guaranteed.

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Smart Energy

Meeting the challenges of smart grids and prosumers.

How Lemonbeat can draw out the benefits of smart grids for both energy supplier and customers.

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Industry 4.0


Industry 4.0

The Industrial Internet of Things will deliver higher productivity, new service-models and innovative solutions

Lemonbeat bridges the gaps across industries and standards. The Industry 4.0 revolution offers huge opportunities, the full potential however can only be unlocked swiftly and cost-effectively if the form of communication used as its basis has the ability to address the widely varied requirements of each field and build them into one intelligent network.

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